About Us

Excellence Certification is a model for the evaluation and certification of English teaching and learning systems. It is based upon trusted international standards and provides recognition to individuals and institutions.

We provide Educational Centers with a set of tools for the analysis and improvement of their English program, professional training for their English teachers and coordinators, and evaluations that test the English proficiency of students and adults (according to the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference CEFR and Common English Language Standards CELS).


We strive to provide educational institutions and professionals with an effective model for the evaluation and certification of their English teaching and learning systems. We ensure the quality of our services by basing certifications on established international standards and using technological tools to ensure the rapid response, versatility, and internationalization of the certification process.


The evaluation and certification processes are performed in partnership with internationally renowned and prestigious institutions such as San Diego State University, EDUQATIA, and Apple Professional Development. This allows us to provide certifications that are formulated with the maximum technical rigor and made easily accessible through an innovative online process.

For student certification, why choose San Diego State University?

Exams developed by SDSU:

  • Are specially designed and developed for children and teenagers studying English at schools, as well as adults and professionals.
  • Provide a comprehensive and innovative system for evaluation, which prioritizes communication skills and verbal expression.
  • Cover all relevant aspects of English.
  • Support and complement each school’s English program.
  • Are aligned with the criteria defined in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and Common English Language Standards (CELS).

For certification of teachers, coordinators, and educational centers, why choose EDUQATIA?

  • EDUQATIA is the only organization that certifies learning systems for quality according to ISO 9001. It specializes exclusively in the Education sector and is accredited by the ENAC in Europe and the EMA in Mexico.
  • Its accreditation represents the highest guarantee of an organization’s technical competence and is supported by the international recognition of EDUQATIA.
  • It has a large staff of experts and a wealth of experience, conducting over 500 yearly audits for certifications of educational centers and their training processes.
  • EDUQATIA is completely independent from educational institutions and other providers of English-teaching materials. Its processes, people, and managers are subject to strict external controls that ensure the total impartiality and independence of its auditors.

Where Are We?

Excellence Certification currently serves the United States and most Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas and Europe.