Teacher Benefits

  • Provides the certified teacher with internationally recognized professional distinction within the educational community.
  • Establishes a path toward the improvement of professional competencies.
  • Improves career opportunities in an environment with a great demand for genuinely qualified English teachers.
  • Increases the opportunities for promotion.

Value for the Educational Center

  • Ensures the competence of the teaching staff.
  • Increases motivation for teachers to improve their practices.
  • Allows the comparison of teachers’ abilities with an international database of peers.
  • Provides confidence in the selection of new, certified personnel.


The evaluation and certification of teachers is administered by Excellence Certification in alliance with EDUQATIA and SDSU through an innovative online process.


A teacher’s evaluation and certification depends on the following:


Teachers who complete all other requirements, but have less than 3 years of professional experience, may obtain a certificate as an Excellent Junior English Teacher temporarily valid for 3 years.